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Where was Lord Buddha born?

Ven. Hegoda Vipassi Thera, the Director of Dharma Paryeshanalaya at Rathmalana, has challenged Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera for a debate on the statement made by the latter that there is no definite evidence regarding the birth of Prince Siddhartha in India but there are shrines with evidence that...
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එහිපස්සිකෝ වැඩසටහන

එහිපස්සිකෝ -පළමු විඩියෝව – swarnavahini.lk මෙතනින් යොමුවෙන්න   එහිපස්සිකෝ -දෙවෙනි විඩියෝව – swarnavahini.lk මෙතනින් යොමුවෙන්න.  එහිපස්සිකෝ -තෙවෙනි විඩියෝව – swarnavahini.lk මෙතනින් යොමුවෙන්න  
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